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Neurology Nurse Practitioners
What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A Registered Nurse with an advanced level of education and experience in medical science. Nurse Practitioners at MNA have a Masters Degree, Board Certification and advanced training in neurology. Nurse Practitioners provide medical care for patients independently but in collaboration with physicians.

Nurse Practitioners at MNA care for patients with a variety of neurologic symptoms. Nurse Practitioners evaluate, diagnose and treat many neurologic disorders including ADHD, developmental disorders, epilepsy, headaches, strokes and muscle or nerve disorders. Nurse practitioners prescribe medications, order and interpret diagnostic tests like MRI, EEG and laboratory studies. Nurse practitioners guide patients and families through important health care decisions and provide education about neurologic disorders. Your Nurse Practitioner at MNA collaborates with your Neurologist to provide you with the best neurologic care.